This is really touching to me. I come from a family that would see a guy like this and immediately write him off. Every time I get a new tattoo, my grandma is intensely upset. She’s quoted scripture from Leviticus to me about how we aren’t supposed to mark up God’s temple (our bodies). But love is fucking love, man. People are people. And this picture is sweet as fuck.

this breaks my heart for various reasons. this is not just a man with tattoos, this is a man in MS 13, one of the most notoriously violent gangs in the world. i know he was most likely a man with little options. i know he is a man who has done terrible things (you have to kill someone to be in MS 13) but i know even with all of that bad, all that evil, there is good in him, there is love. look how gentle he is with her. ugh, this world.

glad im not the only one that noticed the tattoos ^
nigga im right outside a nigga who’s 2 miles away  (via melaninamami)

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2pac and E-40


Do you want to build a snowman?


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